CWRR researchers at IWA conference 2017 in Nantes

From October 22nd-26th, the 2017 national IWA conference on sustainable solution for small water and wastewater treatment system (S2Small2017) was held in Nantes, France.

The scope of the conference was to demonstrate that small water and wastewater systems represent part of the solution for the future of humanity. Within the Conference knowledge and expertise was disseminated on innovative systems, technologies and processes which could be applied at small and decentralized regions for the management of water and wastewater.

Cheng Tang made an oral presentation on part of his Ph.D. research:

Dr Yaqian Zhao contributed with two oral presentations as follows:

  • Green Bio-sorption Reactor: Making wastewater treatment plant as an attractive scenario
  • Recently emerging eco-friendly systems for wastewater purification: A review

Dr Yaqian Zhao also chaired a workshop named “European-Chinese workshop, Nature based solutions for sponge cities”.