CWRR’s research presented at EGU 2018

This year again, CWRR researchers joined the main annual meeting in the field of Geosciences in Europe, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, organised every year in Vienna. The 2018’s edition was held from the 8th to the 13th of April. It was a great opportunity for our researchers to present their recent research advances and to discuss them with the hydrological community, always well represented at EGU. This year, CWRR’s work on Groundwater Hydrology and Catchment Hydrology was presented.

Rongzhe Hou presented a poster on his Ph.D. research in groundwater hydrology with a case study on the Kildare aquifer during the session HS10.10 “Groundwater – Surface Water interactions: biogeochemical and ecological processes”:

  • Rongzhe Hou et al. – Modelling the hydrogeologic controls on the seepage of water from the Kildare aquifer to Pollardstown fen affecting moisture conditions in the habitat of the protected rare whorl snail, (Vertigo geyeri)

Thibault Hallouin presented his work on the use of rainfall-runoff models for making hydrological predictions relevant for impact studies on stream ecology, which is part of his Ph.D. research for the ESManage project. He presented two posters during the sessions HS2.1.7 “What is a «good» hydrological model for impact study?” and HS2.1.6 “Process understanding in models – Improving hydrologic realism and reducing model weaknesses”:

  • Thibault Hallouin and Michael Bruen – Identifying the properties of behavioural parameter sets for rainfall-runoff models through optimisation and clustering analysis
  • Thibault Hallouin et al. – Exploring the validity of a regionalised hydrological model at various spatial scales

CWRR researchers are already looking forward to EGU 2019.