Integrated Catchment Modelling Workshop

The DiffuseTools project is holding a workshop on the practical use of catchment modelling tools to support and inform Integrated Catchment Management from stakeholders’ perspectives.

Catchment Modelling from Stakeholders’ Perspectives

This event will include presentations from international experts who will outline their experiences of challenges, setbacks, and successes when using modelling to support integrated catchment management. We will also have a presentation from the EPA Catchments Unit on how models supported the catchment characterisation process for the second cycle of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Attendees will discuss the tools they would like to use during the third cycle of the WFD, indicating their main requirements and general preferences for catchment models and management tools.

This workshop will be of interest to anyone who has used catchment model, tools, or risk maps in the past, and who wants to contribute to the direction of development of Irish catchment management tools.

DiffuseTools Project Workshop: Learning from Models

Date: Monday 20th November 2017

Venue: UCD School of Civil Engineering, Newstead Block A, University College Dublin (map).

Agenda: DiffuseTools_Workshop1_Agenda_P1

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The DiffuseTools Project is developing catchment models and tools that can be used by stakeholders to inform catchment management and water management policy, by building on previous Irish and international research. The project is led by the UCD School of Civil Engineering, with project partners from Teagasc, Durham University, University of Reading, Rothamsted Research, and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. Funding is from the Environmental Protection Agency (2016-W-MS-24).