Dr Patrick J. Purcell

About Dr Patrick J. Purcell

I have undertaken consulting work for Engineering consultants, contractors and local authorities. These activities are related to my academic and professional interests and are thus useful for maintaining contact with industry and maintaining my knowledge and skills in engineering current.

I have made oral presentations at an Bord Pleanala hearings as an expert witness and I have also appeared in the law courts as an expert witness. I am also an assessor of the academic standing of individuals, applying for membership of I.E.I., whose third-level college is not an accredited institution.

I have been a member of professional accreditation panel for the B.E. degree to NUIG in February 2005 and chaired the accreditation panel to UCC Civil Engineering in May 2005. I was a member of the E.U COST 628 committee on the theme of the optimal management of wastewater treatment plants.

I have served as a member on the Local Government Appointments Commission panel interviewing applicants for appointment to the engineering section of the Office of Public Works.