Dr Yaqian Zhao

About Dr Yaqian Zhao

Dr Yaqian Zhao graduated in Water & Wastewater Engineering in 1984 and obtained MEngSc in Environmental Engineering in 1990, both from Lanzhou Jiaotong University, PR China. He pursued his PhD study (1997-2000) in Civil Engineering of Strathclyde University in Scotland. Thereafter, he continued his academic career as post-doctoral research fellow (2000-2004) in Queen's University Belfast, UK before he joined UCD in 2004. His research interest covers a number of issues in broad area of water, wastewater and biosolid and residual treatment engineering. Dr Zhao is an active researcher in international level especially in: (1) waterworks sludge conditioning, dewatering and beneficial disposal/reuse; (2) constructed wetland systems for wastewater treatment and (3) phosphorus removal/immobilization/adsorption. In recent years, Dr Zhao has developed special interest and expertise in above three aspects with the evidence of several practical, low cost, and environmentally friendly technologies on wastewater, biosolids treatment engineering, for example, the development of novel alum sludge-based constructed wetland system for the enhanced wastewater treatment.

He is author of more than 280 research papers in refereed journals, book contributions and international conferences. He is associate editor or editorial board member of 5 international journals and also a regular manuscript reviewer for 37 international journals. Dr Zhao has been invited by world leading universities to deliver lectures, which include Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology etc. Dr Zhao has been elected as Fellow of IWA in 2016.