Climate resilience of vertical seawall

A new research article discussing the performance of retrofitting vertical seawalls in mitigating wave overtopping is now avaiable

Article title: Enhancing climate resilience of vertical seawall with retrofitting – A physical modelling study


  • New information on the performance of retrofitting structures with various geometry in front of vertical seawalls is presented.
  • The analysis of wave-by-wave and mean overtopping discharges show the superior performance of recurve wall in mitigating mean and extreme overtopping events.
  • The vegetation and reef breakwater retrofitting configurations are proven to be effective in mitigating wave overtopping from vertical seawall.
  • The physical modelling data indicate significance of relative freeboard, wave impulsiveness and the structural geometry on the performance of retrofitting.
  • A new set of empirical formulae are derived from laboratory measurements, enabling robust prediction of mean overtopping from the retrofitting.